How to Delete all WordPress Comment

If you have the need to delete all your comments from your WordPress site, then there are basically two ways you could go about it. You could use a plugin. Or you could go into your database and delete your comments from there.
We’ll go over each method below.
No matter which method you choose, of course you should first back up your database in case something goes wrong and you end up deleting things you don’t want to delete.

Delete with a Plugin

If you’d like to use a plugin to do this work, then the WP Bulk Delete Plugin should do the trick for you.

  •  First go to your Post section in the Admin area of your backend.

The Bulk Delete plugin lets you choose to Delete Comments based on a number of different options.

You can  delete comments by comment status like you can only delete pending comments,  spam comments,trash comments,approved comments.
Comment Author:-you can choose author whose comment you want to delete.
Comment Post:-you can select multiple posts whose comment you want to delete.
Comment Date:-you can delete comment between start date to end date.

Delete All WordPress Comments Using phpMyAdmin

You can also quickly delete all WordPress comments using MySQL or phpMyAdmin. This method is only recommended for more advanced users.
Login to cPanel dashboard of your WordPress hosting account. Under the database section, click on phpMyAdmin.

Inside phpMyAdmin, you will need to locate your WordPress database. You will see a page like this showing all your WordPress database tables.

Check the box next to wpprefix_comments and wpprefix_commentmeta table. The name of your comments tables may differ depending on the table prefix you choose during your WordPress installation.
After selecting comments table, locate the ‘With selected:’ drop down menu below the table list and select ‘Empty’ from the drop down menu.
PhpMyAdmin will now show you a warning asking if you really want to empty those tables.

That’s all, we hope this article helped you learn how to easily delete all comments in WordPress.

Published by Karan Gadhavi

Karan Gadhavi is WordPress Developer and Passionate Blogger ( mostly blog about WordPress ). Enjoying life at Ahmedabad, India

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